Frequently Asked


Blockchain Basics

Bitcoin is a virtual currency allowing anyone to purchase goods and services, and send funds to friends and family without participating in the traditional banking system.

Blockchain is the underlying technology that powers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. An international network of computers and nodes verifies transactions and stores data for each blockchain, making each one censorship-resistant and free from the traditional banking system.

A Bitcoin Wallet stores Bitcoin Addresses. Bitcoin Wallets can be software or hardware products that offer additional features such as displaying your Bitcoin Address balances. At its simplest, Bitcoin Wallets can be pieces of paper, SMS, or .txt files that store Bitcoin Addresses.

A Bitcoin Address consists of two 64-character strings of letters and numbers - the Private Key and the Public Key. On the Bitcoin Blockchain, every Bitcoin is tied to a Bitcoin Address like a bank account. The Public Key is similar to a bank account number, and acts as the destination for Bitcoin transactions; the Private Key is similar to a PIN number, and acts as a password to enable the spending of Bitcoins tied to the corresponding Public Key.

The number of stores and websites that accept Bitcoin is increasing every day. CoinMap offers an interactive map that displays brick-and-mortar stores that accept Bitcoin. CCN updates a list of retailers and payment providers that accept Bitcoin.

Where We Operate

Kernel has Bitcoin ATMs in Houston, with Dallas and Los Angeles following soon!

Find the most convenient Kernel location in Houston using our Bitcoin ATM map to purchase Bitcoin with cash.

Buying Bitcoin

  1. Indicate the amount of Bitcoin to buy.
  2. Scan your documentation and Bitcoin Address QR Code on the BTM. This tells the BTM where to send the Bitcoins.
  3. Insert cash.
  4. Transaction complete

Sorry, Kernel's Bitcoin ATMs only accept cash!

If you do not have a Bitcoin Wallet, Kernel can provide you with a Bitcoin Address.

Not at all! Kernel's Bitcoin ATMs allow customers to purchase as little as $5 dollars worth of Bitcoins.

After Buying

If you entered a phone number, a transaction receipt will be sent to that number. For safekeeping, we always recommend that you take a picture of the receipt shown on the screen just to be sure!

Unfortunately, transactions on Kernel Bitcoin ATMs are irreversible since they are transactions made on the Bitcoin Network.

Although Kernel's green wallet verifies transactions instantly, there may be instances when the Bitcoin Network is congested, and delay your transaction's confirmation. Certain Bitcoin Wallets confirm transactions only after a set number of subsequent transactions have been on the Bitcoin Blockchain, and takes longer to display your new balance.

If you have any questions about your transaction, please let us know at